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GALFER brand launch in southern and eastern Europe: Marketing campaign opens up possibilities for specialized trade and spare-parts business

  • Major marketing campaign assists trade in GALFER launch
  • New GALFER brand offers added value for workshops and dealers

Frankfurt, 27 January 2014. With the launch of the GALFER brand in southern and eastern Europe, Continental is providing a new range of products for the specialized trade and workshops. The brand offers a varied portfolio of brake-related products which brings technological precision and economic know-how to a common denominator. In support of the market rollout, brake specialist Continental is also launching a comprehensive sales initiative. GALFER designs its products specifically for its customers – from the initial development concept to the design of the product packaging.

Continental’s sales initiative is intended to position the new brand appropriately with the specialized trade and communicate its advantages. Among other things, the initiative includes an extensive advertising campaign in various print and online media. At the same time, dealers and workshops will be provided with effective advertising material to assist in the sales argumentation and marketing of GALFER products. GALFER partners benefit in two ways in this regard. On the one hand, this will enable them to increase turnover in the brake business. On the other, attractive premiums beckon for the sale of GALFER products. "With this initiative, we are offering our partners a special incentive to sell new brands. The market launch will be accompanied by a major campaign. As well as the POS material already mentioned, we will also be actively undertaking online marketing," says Peter Wagner, Sales Director, Independent Aftermarket at Continental. "Workshops will now no longer have to choose between performance and profitability, as the new GALFER brake products combine both characteristics in the best possible way," says Wagner. As a result of intensive collaboration with the customer, brakes and brake accessories designed in accordance with the proven Continental standard meet the market requirements one hundred percent. The sales initiative will commence with the GALFER market launch in February 2014. Dealers and workshops who wish to participate in the GALFER initiative will receive the attractive GALFER decorative pack free of charge. Among other things, it includes posters, ceiling banners, counter mats and stand-up counter displays as well as flyers and steering wheel/mirror pendants to actively attract the driver’s attention.

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